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Blueberry Facts

Blueberry Facts

Hello from the Outside. Literally. I am writing this while the commercial picking continues, and in a few short weeks U Pick will commence! But I wanted to share some blueberry facts many people may not know about, and convince them to buy blueberries from us.. *wink wink**

Fact number one: What you get in the store is not as fresh as you think.

In Florida, our picking season has not begun until right around the end of March most years, some seasons are different because of mother nature. So if you are buying blueberries in Feburary chances are your fruit is from Chile. You really need to read the labels because the distribution center may be in the USA but the fruit is from out of the country and their regulations are NOT like ours, at all. That being said, a lot of time the fruit is waiting in transit, and all the while it is losing it’s flavor and quality. Your best option is to wait until you see people on the side of the road, selling blueberries. Or follow our social media pages to see when blueberries are ready!

Fact number two: Most people probably know this but these little gems are so good for you. They are filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, copper, and so much more. They are on the diabetic friendly food list, they are heart healthy, and are amazing for the skin! Besides they’re evident deliciousness, they are ridiculously good for you.

Fact number three: Blueberries are so versatile. They are good in pies, cookies, muffins, cakes, salads, jam, salsa, and pancakes. The list can go on and on. I have this cookbook, where I get most of my blueberry recipes, and it is all blueberry, even the cover is blue. I have yet to find a recipe where blueberries wouldn’t fit in. So if you are thinking what could you possible make besides muffins, there is a lot you can do! And now with our handy world wide web, they are all at our finger tips!

I hope you found this interesting! Until next time…

— Rachel —   

Rachel Bohn

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